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My first day ever in Europe (Amsterdam, day 1)

It's been a long time since I've updated this site and left you all wondering what I've been doing.  Well luckily, I have some stories to tell you.  I'd like to start by telling you about my European Tour that took this past Sep/ Oct.  It all started when I landed in Amsterdam.  I have never been to Europe and I had no idea what to expect.  The rude awakening came when i arrived at the airport and nobody spoke a word of English and no signs were in English.  You ever been in Penn Station and some poor foreigner was walking around completely clueless, well i was that guy.  After taking the train to the Amsterdam Central Station I walked out and BAM!  The most ridiculous view you've ever seen.  It was about 7:30am so I decided to walk to my hostel.  I booked the hostel a few hours before I left, so I showed up and the guy who was running the place told me the room wasn't ready so I should come back in a few hours.  I decided I was gonna get breakfast, but I couldn't find anywhere to eat.  All I saw was coffee shops that didn't have coffee, they just had weed.  I decided to go into one and check to see what all the hype was about.  The one I went into was playing horrible techno very, very loud at 7:30 in the morning.  I chilled out in a daze and stared at a flatscreen for 3 hours that had fish swimming in it.  It was kinda weird.  After that I went barhopping.  I'm not as much into getting ripped and staring at walls as I am into drinking beer in the middle of the afternoon.  So I did that and started talking to everyone.  Now the cool thing about Amsterdam, as a pose to most other cities i visited in Europe, is Amsterdam is the easiest place to run into random people that are cool.  Just wear a baseball cap and look like you're from America and people will just walk up to you and start bullshitting.  So many awesome hippy/ artsy types of people from all around the world.  By the time the night came I decided to get ribs.  While eating these ribs I met a random crew of dudes who were about to go to some club.  This was the wildest group of party animals in the whole city, and to make matters worse it was their last night.  We went to a bunch of clubs and met some girls who didn't speak English, so we used our drunken dance moves to communicate.  We all went our separate ways and parted ways at about 5am.  I had been up now for almost 2 days so I decided to call it a night.  The hostel i was staying in was the worst ever, but that was OK cause I was exhausted and excited to be in such an amazing city.  That was the 1st day.  Here are 10 random tips or facts if you ever decide to go to Amsterdam........

(PS, this is just my first day.  I'll tell you about the other 29 days soon)




1.  Don't ever go to McDonalds.  The same meal that costs $3.18 in NJ costs 10 Euros in Amsterdam (about $13)

2.  People will try to sell you coke a lot if you wear a hat.  If you say no they'll try to give you some sales pitch because they don't believe that it is possible for an American tourist to not want coke.

3.  Stay at The Flying Pig Hostel Downtown.  If you do weird ass shit will happen pretty much every night.

4.  There are canals between every street.  If you walk around them you will be in complete amazement and you can just sit on a bench for hours and stare and that's all you need to do to enjoy Amsterdam.

5.  Beer is expensive as fuck, but you have to drink it.  Just suck it up.

6.  You will meet at least one cool old guy who is in Amsterdam mainly to get hookers in the Red Light District

7.  Cops will not harass you in Amsterdam.  In fact i didn't see one, which is good cause I feel safe when their are no cops around.   There aren't swarms of armed meatheads waiting to give tourists tickets at every corner like I thought there would be.  Europe in general you just feel a better sense of freedom.

8.  The music videos have titties in them.  I saw an R. Kelly and a Pharelle video that was the same old hip hop cliques of hot women, cars, and champagne, but the girls in the video are completely naked.  The only thing they don't show is vag.

9.  The original and first coffee shop in Amsterdam is called The Bulldog.  The old hippie that runs the downstairs dispensary is the most insane asshole in the history of coffee shops.  He screamed at me in front of everyone and he was ready to swing at me because i plugged my cell phone charger in the wall.

10.  Just drink Heineken.  No need to switch it up

11.  Girls in Amsterdam like Americans, because 95% of the English (as 1st language) speaking tourists are either Australian or British.  Being American in Europe is actually

12.  A lot of British dudes take 3 day trips to Amsterdam cause it's close.  I guess it's kind of like being from NYC and going to Long Island or Jersey Shore to party for the weekend

13.  There is a boob statue in the middle of street by the church in the Red Light District

14.  The Van Gogh museum is a good look if you like art.

15.  A lot of the young people who live in Amsterdam are not from there.  They moved there because it is awesome.

16.  You will almost get run over by a bike every single day


We are on tour right now.  I have a crazy update recap when I get back, but not today.  Stay tuned.  We're in Buffalo tonight at the Coyote Cafe.  Also the new album as well as the old one will be on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Amazon in a few weeks.  For now only hard copies are available. Peace



I want everyone to know despite all the BS with my last 2 tours falling through (neither was my fault) I have VERY big things comin up.  My 2nd album "Audible Chaos" is droppin 4/20 and I will have about 30-40 shows all across America in April, May, and June. (about 20 already booked)  I'm not announcing any dates yet until everything is booked, but I promise you California, Midwest, and Northeast will be seein a lot of my stankin ass.

Also I just got word that I will be featured on a television show that will be aired most likely around June.  Hopefully I don't look ugly on television.

If anyone has any booking inquiries fell free to contact me.  I'll fly to Japan tomorrow with nothing but the shirt on my back if the price is right.

Also, I'm having a March Madness promotion.  All March I'm lowering my price to $100 for features.  This not only includes a 16 bar verse, but I'll throw in a chorus too free of charge.  So if you snooze, you lose.



Me and Frigid Giant from Buffalo NY will be touring the Northeast/ Midwest this April.  These are the probable cities we will be hitting.  If you want us to rock your city please e-mail or message me through fb.  (* almost definite)


April 17th- Trenton NJ- Mill Hill Basement


April 18th- Pittsfield MA- Chameleon's Nightclub


April 19th- Atlantic City NJ- Le Grand Fromage w/ Reef the Lost Cause


April 20th- Asbury Park NJ- The Saint (Audible Chaos Album Release Party)


April 21st- Pittsburgh PA- The Smiling Moose


June 22nd- Fairplay MD- Woodman of the World (Bless the Woods Festival)



After taking way too long to complete this album it is finally finished.  It will feature Pacewon, most of the Junk Jerz squad, as well as a European band Ultraviolent.  It will feature productions from The Latebloomer, Rich Mahogany, Razorbrains, and Equipped. It will be titled Audible Chaos and will be available via iTunes as well as hard copies.  Release will be in mid April directly coinciding with my 2 week Midwest Tour.  Any show you see me on from now til the release of the album you best believe you'll be seeing at least half of my set rockin new shit.  During the writing of this album I was going through some crazy shit in my life and it shows. There is much more of an M.O.P. / Onyx vibe on this album meaning much more aggressive beats with high energy songs and a lot of me screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs like you've all grown to love.  There will be a music video shot for the song "Off The Ground" very shortly.  In my 10 years of making music it is the best song I've ever made.  The video will most likely be released in February if the world doesn't end before then.  If the world does end hopefully God himself will pop the CD into his God machine and bump that shit for everyone waiting in line to see if they gettin into the pearly gates or not.


The 1st single "Ultraviolent" can be found on Youtube "search Dinz"

The 2nd single "Irish Drunk Song" can be found on Soundcloud.com/dinz420




So I'm sitting here on my 3'd glass of vodka and I'm feelin fantastic. I just wanted to reassure everyone that although you may have not heard too many new songs by me it's because they're sitting in the vault right now and I'm not releasing, but I can honestly tell you it blows my old shit out of the water. The next album (which is only half finished) will feature productions by The Latebloomer, Rich Mahogany, Sectacide, Chris Rockwell, and 2 amazing Cali based produces who I'm not gonna reveal there names yet cause I'm an asshole. It will also feature guest appearances by Pacewon of Outsidaz, Pilz, Axle J. Foley, Liz Cisco, Autonomous, M.I.D.A.S, Razorbrains and possibly more.



Things have been insane lately. I'm doing so many shows my head is starting to spin. I'm also currently working on a new album that will be released October. I have a few songs finished that you are not allowed to hear yet, but trust me when I say holy shitballs. I'll probably be leaking the 1st single around July. Also no matter what you do, do not miss going to JR's on Feb 11th in Seaside Heights. The entire Junk Jerz roster will be there. The place will be packed and Snooki will be punched in the face again.




Life has been crazy lately. I've rocked shows with Jedi Mind Tricks, Outerspace, Illogic, 9th Prince of Wu-Tang's Killarmy, and William Cooper all within the same month. The Jedi show was the craziest. Complete insanity. Just search "Dinz Jedi" in youtube to peep it. I will be working on a new album which will be released in Early Fall. I have already recorded two tracks for the album. One features Pilz and the other is produced by Rich Mahogany. Also me and Shameless Plug of the Yes Yes Yalls will be doing a two week tour. Cities that are very likely are Baltimore, Washington DC, Appleton Wisconsin, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, and St. Louis. If I didn't name your city we wanna rock there, but need your help. Also, Junk Jerz, the NJ based hip hop collective consisting of me as well as some other premier NJ based producers and MC's will be putting out an album within the next few months. I'll be on about half of the tracks so make sure you peep it. Check out our fb page for more details. That is all for now. Stay thirsty my friends.


The Death of Swag Tour

So me and Autonomous just got back from our Oct. tour. It started out great with a Pittsburgh show and then the next day we had the day off so we scalped $20 tix to the Steelers game and were the only 2 people in the crowd not wearing black and yellow. That night we stayed in the world's shittiest hotel. It had crickets in the shower.....crickets. Then we were off to Appleton. They give you free beer there if you're performing so I had about 15 or so. It was good to rock with my good ol buddies Streams of Consiousness and LO Doublet. The next morning me and Auto left and Bonz stayed. He called me an hour later and said the cops came and made him pay for the damages. I wish the rest of the tour was more exciting, but my car was up shit's creek without a paddle so we had to cancel a Kentucky show and a WV show due to the fact that my engine was smoking and is a miracle we even made it home. I'll be doing another Spring Tour and a West Coast Winter Tour so stay posted........

The second annual Dinzstock will be taking place September 3rd. Check my FB event for details

Dinz National Tour in October. I will be hitting mainly the East Coast and Midwest. My apologies to fans on the west coast and southern states, but I don't trust the vehicle situation enough to do more than 3 or 4 thousand miles. If you want me to come to your city and think you can help with a date contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Eric Peters video shoot went great yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out. Should be available to the public in a couple weeks. Upcoming Show:


Friday, January 27th

Newark, NJ

Rio Lounge (Not solo set. I'm performing with Junk Jerz)


Saturday, January 28th

Beachwood, NJ

The Cave (email or message me for location)


August 26th- Stanhope NJ at the Stanhope House w/ Shameless Plug+more

September 3rd- Toms River NJ Big ass backyard hip hop show with 20 acts and lots of beer. I'm hosting/ DJing. email me or message me for details.

September 16th- Manhattan, New York City. Venue to be announced, but it's a definite.

September 17th- Hoboken NJ (early show)


Eric Peters official music video shoot tommorrow at 3pm at the cave.

Also Friday August 26th Dinz performing in Stanhope NJ with Shameless Plug at the Stanhope House. Finally you Northwest Jersians wish has been granted.......

Check out my FB music page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dinz/113570993151